Chat with your customers using AI algorithms, and let them interact with your platform whenever they want:

Betting Experience

Sportsbook and live offer

Play betslip from the bot

Live push information about events

Self care features

Provide customer service features

Promotion browsing

Account management


Entertain the user with trivia games

Let us create custom interaction that fit your needs


You don't have to ask how much features your customers do have in your platform

You have to ask yourself "why they will use them"!


Gamification can help you to find new customers and attract them in your platform

Let your customers earn bonuses!


High Churn rate? is your platform well-designed following houman focused principles?


You can offer fun and original experience, entertaining the users on the platform

BigData Analysis
and Machine Learning

The New profiling Patterns will allow the creation of more and
more targeted offers for the acquisition of new clients, offering a
targeted control on Churn Rate

IT Consulting

Software development

AAMS Legal Protocols (Italian Market)

Mobile Betting

Mobile Casino

Campaign managment system

Success stories

Our Partners