LEARNING FRIDAY: User Experience

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This Friday we also concluded our week with Learning Friday. For this 4th meeting Luca Gallina talked about User Experience. “User experience includes all aspects of interaction between the end user and the company, its services and its products”: it is with this definition of Donald Norman (1st User Experience Architect) and Jakob Nielsen that […]


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On time came the second round of the Learning Friday. Teacher for a day was Mirko Maranzano who introduced us to the wonderful world of “Game Design”. What is the game? In literature there are several definitions, Greg Costikyan defines the game, “an interactive structure of endogenous meaning, which requires players to make an effort […]


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Friday, March 31 in Key2 started the Learning Friday project. This initiative is designed to create a moment of aggregation and, above all, sharing their experiences, knowledge and passions. Participants will explain an argument one for week, which is inherent to their workplace or whether it’s a hobby, it’s enough just to participate: the purpose […]

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What is gamification?

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  This article is an introduction to gamification. At the end of the reading, you will have a clear idea of what gamification is and how can make your business grow. WHAT DOES GAMIFICATION MEAN? – Gamification (or human focused design) is the application of games and video games mechanics in order to encourage users activity. In […]