Become User-addictive

We work close to you designing digital journeys that bring your users to your business target

Gain users attention, profile them is the new challange in the social media era.

Our recipe to face the challange is combine technological and human behavioral skills, such as gamification and machine learning. 

Those are the super-power that you can have to improve your digital strategy and business.

Let's start with the “START” Framework

Our pattern allow you to adopt this toolbox in easiest way.

It's a workflow that lead our customer from requirement to Goal


Let's define the scope and the context


Let's trasform together your user journey and brand experience engaging and delighting the user as much as possible


Let's user contest and challange to acquire new users. Leverage on referral and virality


Sfrutta le leve psicologiche più efficaci per diventare una piacevole abitudine nelle routine dei tuoi utenti


Analyze data thanks to machine learning and turn in a tailored based experience.

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Business that we help

Retail business?

Create a gamified brand experience
Get your user data, augment fidelity and give wings to your marketing.

Digital based business  or start-up?

Raise your retention up designing great, addictable customer journeys using gamification leverages.

“Corporate  business”?

We design great training apps, using gamification turning a boring e-learning experience into a great delightful one


Among our works around the world  in gamification, app and web design

We are a small team in big Company, belonging K2 GROUP

We merge entushiasm and creativity of small team with scaling capability granted by a Big Corporation


Gamification Design

Contest, Challange e quiz based experiences

App, web, customer journey design and implementation

Digital Strategy integrated with your social and marketing aiming to acquisition and retention

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