BOT and messaging platforms

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Why do we talk so much about messaging platforms? Because now messages have become the new frontier of communication and smartphones the future of interaction. Over 2.5 billion people have installed at least one messaging application on their personal device. These represent immediate and spontaneous communication, features that are needed to intrigue and therefore involve […]

Success stories about famous BOTS

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In the previous articles we introduced chat-bots and explained how this tool can improve your business in lot of ways, in particular using language understanding. Right now there are dozens of examples in which visionaries companies are using successfully this new amazing communication channel in markets such as: travel; food; sport; e-commerce and retail; finance & […]

BOT and Engagement

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Engagement: it’s the act of being able to interest someone to something and take him to make action to show that interest. It’s to measure the success of a shared message with the public and it is designed to create “ties” between company and future customers, so as to encourage the user to recommend the […]

LEARNING FRIDAY: “Unity bases”

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At Learning Friday, Friday June 16th, our colleague Cristiano Ruisi told us “Unity Basics”, showing us how to create one of the most famous video games in the world: Arkanoid. Developed especially in recent years, after the acquisition of Microsoft, that made it free, Unity3D, or simply Unity, is the most used video game development […]