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Our colleague Alberto Bellemo Bullo, at Learning Friday on Friday 23 June, told us about actions, prices and values. Weekly topic: Trading Online! Starting from the definition of what is the trading, he traced its evolution over time, from barter, to coins, until trading online. We talked about bull market and bear market, stop loss, […]

Bot Messenger and the custom messages

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Doesn’t your company have an automated BOT Messenger yet? Can’t you see the reason why you should use it? A lot of customers ask us what are the advantages in making one. In the end, they consider sufficient the digital tools they usually use: mail marketing, advertising campaigns, mobile applications and websites. One of the […]


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If you have an idea for a chatbot, we suggest you start by creating a mockup and using Botsociety, a very useful and intuitive tool, easier to use. Are you wondering what a mockup is? What is Botsociety? We are here to give you the answers you are looking for! Speaking of mockup, we mean […]

Social Gaming

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Have come a long way. Since the ‘80s to today game world has been altered, updated, overturned, in a word: revolutionized. We’ve gone from the huge “bar cabin” to the tiny pocket consoles. The route has been long, the projects have been altered during the journey, but the ultimate goal has remained faithful over time: […]