PSQF News: Cashout feature is coming in Italy

Posted on Posted in Italian Market

Very important news are coming in Italian betting market for users and gaming operators. AAMS is working on a new version about PSQF that will be probably released in version 4. Among the introduced news the most important is the new message code aimed to request “Cashout”. This feature allow users to to close their bets for an arbitrary sum while the matches are ‘live’.

It will be an important opportunity for betting operators in order to enrich their betting offer to the customers that can enjoy this new feature already present in “.com” sites. and it will introduce interactivity and fun to the game. The challange among the operators is going to start and it’s interesting see who it will be the first to introduce this feature into the platform.

Obviously cashout is not the only one feature that has going to be introduced within PSQF but it’s without any doubt the most important one. Protocol is in draft state and it’s not formally issued

We at K2 Play will work to manage news within our blackbox solutions allowing our partner to save time and focus on their own platform avoiding effort in issues in AAMS communication and upgrades.