Why Gambling operators should think at Chatbot as next step

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Chatbot is the technological innovation of the moment, why every gambling operator should leverage this opportunity

Chatbot, bot, Facebook Messenger, if you work in the gambling area and you have no idea how these three words can improve your business, you should read this article.

Market players should always care about market changes and customers habits. Once mobile devices did become heavily used many gambling operators lose business beacause of their low reactivity and no propension to investment in new technologies.

A very similar scenario can verify nowdays since from 2015 the first top 4 instant messaging apps (Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Wechat and Viber) are overcoming the top 4 social media in terms of monthly active users. Users habits are changing again and 2017 seems be year of Chat-bot, a powerful and limitless potentially unlimited and able to help your brand to create a one-to-one relation with your users.

In according with a USa Retale study (a consulting company specialized in mobile shopping and avertising), the 60% of millenials users interviewed use costantly chatbot and define theirselves “early adopters”. 67% of them would buy a product or a service using this tool.

How millennials responded to chatbot.
US millennial chatbot users’s primary attitude.


Chatbot channel is a big opportunity for  gambling operators aimed to be in touch with their own audience and get new business opportuninty involving them in a istant, interactive, private and custom conversation.

The strenghtsness of chatbot is because of their autonomy, always-present, 24 hours active and able to provide support and prompt responses to the users.

How can you use them in your game platform? In the upcoming posts we would propose potential applications of them in Betting market and beyond.