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On time came the second round of the Learning Friday.

Teacher for a day was Mirko Maranzano who introduced us to the wonderful world of “Game Design”.

What is the game?

In literature there are several definitions, Greg Costikyan defines the game, “an interactive structure of endogenous meaning, which requires players to make an effort to achieve a goal”.

The Game Design is nothing but “the act of deciding how to handle a game” and that the game designer plays a key role in defining:

  • players;
  • objectives: finished, multiple, no-targets;
  • rules;
  • resources;
  • game information;
  • sequence of play.

So all the elements useful and necessary to the construction of the game itself.

Amusement, decisions, strategies, skills and challenging … have to a game designer necessarily know how to program? To learn more, click on “View Attachment”.