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Friday, March 31 in Key2 started the Learning Friday project. This initiative is designed to create a moment of aggregation and, above all, sharing their experiences, knowledge and passions. Participants will explain an argument one for week, which is inherent to their workplace or whether it’s a hobby, it’s enough just to participate: the purpose is to approach to unfamiliar arguments and go into the familiar arguments. These meetings will take place every Friday from 5:00 p.m. and will last for about an hour.

During our first Learning Friday we talked about “Cryptography”, edited by Alberto Bellemo Bullo.

Starting from bases, investigating what is cryptography and tracking briefly the history, we came to analyze the various types: symmetric, asymmettric and quantum cryptography. After a detailed explanation of each of these and areas of application, it focused on “HASH”, what they are and how they work. To learn more, click on “View Attachment”.