The Customer Care revolution: the CHATBOTS

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What are ChatBots? Why do they represent a real revolution? And above all: why are all of them talking about it?

You may have already used this kind of chat by accessing at Customer Services of some great brands, without even knowing them.

A few examples?

  • Beauty (es. Sephora)
  • Clothing (es. H&M)
  • Finance (es. American Express, Mastercard)
  • Sport (es. NBA)
  • Catering (es. Burger King)
  • News (es. CNN, The Economist, Wall Street Journal)
  • Tourism (es. Booking, Expedia)

Let’s start from the beginning.

“Bot” is the abbreviation for “robots”. With this term we want to point to artificial intelligence software, programs that use the same human communication systems for the machines.

One can think of a chatbot as an imaginary user, with specific cognitive abilities.

Thanks to the application of Artificial Intelligence, in fact, chatbot can interpret the signals it receives and respond consistently to each question.

Chatbots are, therefore, applications that integrate bots into instant messaging software (chat). They consist of: a user interface, which is the very application of the chat; natural language processing services (and artificial intelligence algorithms); backend of the company on which the data resides to be processed in real time.

They can do various activities, which change depending on the company we are in: a chatbot, being a software, can be programmed to perform date functions and accordingly, translate, decipher and answer any request.

According to a recent report by My Clever Agency, chatbots are the preferred consumer channel (84.6%) to get answers to simple questions.

The main benefits perceived and expected by users in using bot are:

  • 24/24 h service (68%);
  • Quick answers to simple questions (64%);
  • Immediate response times (51%);
  • Convenience (50%);
  • Easy communication (37%);
  • Ease in reporting (28%) and resolution (18%) of complaints;
  • Positive customer experience (18%);
  • Rapid response to complex questions (18%).

For these reasons, and many others that we will discover over time, chatbots represent the evolution of the world of communication.

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Chatbot, the future? No today.