BOTS in Customer Service: why they work and how they help users and businesses

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BOT and Artificial Intelligence. Speaking more and more often and, especially in the field of Customer Service, chatbots are getting more and more resonant.

Using the growing power of Artificial Intelligence, it allows to users to interact with the company exactly as they would with a flesh and bone customer support clerk.

But they really work? How do they concretely help users and brands?

Bots are exactly the same between company and user, as channel of early contact and customer service management, content and purchasing.

For consumers, chatbot is today a quick, immediate and convenient interaction tool.

And they work, because, as a recent report by My Clever Agency demonstrates, it is the 84.6% preferred consumer channel to get answers to simple questions, second only to face-to-face interactions, but still preferred to email or online form, chat with operators, phone and social media.

My Clever Agency report. Channel index – ranked by the benefits provided. Sector with most benefits = 100.


By analyzing some of the search data from My Clever Agency, some more functionality than others prompts users to use this new form of Customer Service.

68% of respondents praise service h 24, which is increasingly required in recent times in many areas; 64% quick response to simple questions; 51% the immediacy of the service; 50% the convenience of this type of support. And then: ease of communication (37%), ease in reporting (28%) and resolution (18%) of complaints, a positive customer experience (18%).

My Clever Agency report. Perceived Benefits – Chatbot vs App.


Customers of the various brands who have already embraced chatbot solution, they have done so with the hope of achieving greater efficiency and satisfaction through:

  • immediate answers;
  • redirects to the server best suited to their needs;
  • purchases of clothing or food products;
  • resolution of complaints;
  • subscription to services and mailing lists and reservations;
  • possibility to make payments;
  • inspirations for future purchases.
My Clever Agency report. Use for chatbots.


A good customer service is one of the best marketing elements in a company. That’s why we are trying to get more and more advanced services that can cope with the growing and changing customer demands. Used in the right way, chatbots are able to offer to the companies many benefits:

  • they don’t have adoption barriers, which means they are also suitable for those who only use instant messaging systems and are less experienced in digital instruments;
  • can incorporate media of any kind. Their evolution is leading to the creation of an increasingly frictionless interface, aimed at reducing complexity and misunderstanding. For this reason, a Persistent Menu, Bot Rating Tools, bot’s ability to send images, GIFS and videos and sign up with an Account to associate your credit card details to speed up future purchases;
  • they are faster than an operator and almost indistinguishable from this (when the codes are written correctly);
  • key point is that customers are becoming open to the idea of these chatbots.

They are the new trending topic: Chris Messina, a famous developer, had been announcing the advent of the market for what he called conversational commerce more than a year ago.

The more Bots become smart, the more they will change way they will respond to user requests, the more widespread they will be spread across the various industries.

What will not change over time will surely be the immediacy and simplicity of the interface, which will always be based on the conversation.

To fully understand how a Bot can fit within brand strategies, it is necessary to mention some types of BOTS already in the market, but we will discuss this in the next post!